Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shower #2

Last Sunday, my wonderful sister-to-be threw Sam and I a couple's shower in Sandy and it was great. I was a little nervous because I don't know all that many people, but Laura did a great job setting up (with help from Donna, of course!) and all the little touches meant a lot.

Laura made up a game called 'Fact or Fiction' using different facts (some true, some false) about Sam and I and had the guests of the shower decide if they were true or false. It was fun and people learned a lot about the two of us. Sam's grandpa also gave us a little prayer and Laura did a sweet devotional that I will forever remember.

Sam and I also got a lot of cool stuff from some generous people! BBQ, patio table & chairs, KitchenAid mixer, Fiestaware, etc. It was awesome! Still can't wait to move into the house and play with all our toys!!!

The party ended with a touching prayer from Matt, Sam's younger brother. I really am marrying into a great family!

Oh and on other news... KELLY IS HOME!!! I was lucky enough to steal her away for a couple hours on Sunday to bring her with me to the shower. She looks beautiful and we just fell into the way we used to be... it felt SO good! I can't wait to pick her up on Sunday and be practically inseparable for 2 weeks -- watch out Bend!

Last day of work is tomorrow and tomorrow also marks the 2 weeks countdown... I'm excited!

Stay tuned for pictures and more!


  1. I just caught up on my blog reading - yipes! =)

    I MISS YOU! I can't wait to see you either, xoxo!

  2. hope your day is great next weekend. we will be thinking about you. enjoy it.