Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Less Than} One Month To Go...

We're officially under the one month mark.

In less than a month, we will finally get to meet the little guy who's been bouncing around inside me for the last nine months...the one we've been praying for since before we even knew he existed.

And my emotions are flying!

I'm... ecstatic to meet him; sad his sister isn't here with us; worried something might go wrong at the last second; and feeling every bit of "first parent" nerves, to say the least.  I'd say it sounds like I'm pretty fun to be around, huh?

Despite my emotions taking over my thoughts, we've also been working on getting those last minute items crossed off our list:

*Setting up the nursery
*Installing the car seat & packing our hospital bags
*Filling out paperwork (for the hospital, insurance companies, etc.)
*Scheduling newborn photos

And while people keep suggesting how time is going to slow down in these last couple weeks, I'm desperately trying to savor these precious moments of Sam & I before our focus turns towards this little one. [We experienced this shift in focus briefly when Charlotte arrived.  And even though we left the hospital with empty arms, our thoughts (and hearts) were still filled with someone new, we just didn't have the physical demands in front of us.]

So (as long as everything goes as planned) on April 16, we'll wake up and head to the hospital just the two of us [with Charlotte in our hearts & memory], and by the end of the day, our lives will be forever changed with this little one God has placed in our lives! 

Insert: all the emotions...

Calvin Philip, we can't wait to meet you!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

#InfluenceNet Community Groups & About Me

When I joined the Influence Network almost a year ago, I was searching for a community that not only understood the online side of my life (this blog, social media, etc.), but could also relate to some of the "real-life" experiences that were going on, like losing our daughter.  I wasn't looking for someone to fix my problems, but rather walk along side me through the good times & the bad.  And the network was just that for me.

Fast forward to now.  Besides helping with some of the network's social media accounts, I have been asked to help facilitate one of the Influence Network's Community Groups that are about to begin - a group on infant & pregnancy loss.  When I received the initial email, my heart started to beat pretty fast and I turned to God asking, "Why me?  Aren't there other, more capable, women to lead this group?"  But I kept hearing "You can do this!"  So with shaky hands, I replied back saying if they felt I would be a good fit, then I would be honored to navigate through an experience none of us every thought we’d be in.

So because the groups & leaders were officially announced this morning on the Influence Network blog, I thought it would be good to introduce myself to those stopping by for the first time (and re-introduce myself to the "loyals") by directing them to my about me page* and share an insight into what makes me, me.

If you're new, please say hello.  I'd love to hop over to your space & get to know you too.

And if you're not new, please still say hello!  I'm so thankful for those who are walking through this life with me, whether online or off.

*My "about me" page can also be accessed by clicking on my picture on the right.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goals

Every month, around this time (or earlier), several posts pop up in my feed about the goals that have been set for the month ahead.  I believe the idea surfaced around the New Year and people came to terms that it's easy to make a resolution/goal at the beginning of the year, but they generally fall off our radars by mid-year.  The alternative?  Monthly goals.

To be honest, while I loved the concept, I just couldn't convince myself to try it out. (Can I blame it on the lack of energy I have due to pregnancy?)  But this month, something changed.  With Lent beginning on Wednesday, I quickly did the math & realized that we'll be meeting our baby boy in about 40 days or less (Lent ends 4/17, baby boy is due 4/18 & we'll be scheduling a c-section sometime before his due date) and I realized there were a few things I'd like to get in order before he arrives.

Goals for March/Lent:

  1. Read two books this month: Tim Keller's "The Meaning of Marriage" and "Daring Greatly" by Brené Brown.
  2. Go through & clean/organize/purge from every room in our house.
  3. And for Lent - I am putting myself on a shopping freeze. (Big thanks to my friend Lindsey for offering to be my accountability partner through this, because I already know I'll need it!)

Are you setting monthly goals or you still following your resolutions?

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