Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Normally Wednesday is reserved for WIWW*, but today I have a special treat to share with you!

Back in 2008, Sam & I purchased our first home, a move-in ready place just for us.  While the space & feel of our house was just what we were looking for, there were a few changes we put on our "to-do list" that would make everything a little more livable for us in the future.  One of the biggest ones being our flooring situation.

See, we moved into our house with two pups and a lot of off-white carpet, which isn't usually a good combination.  Heck, I'm not sure if humans & off-white carpet our a good combination!  Now, four years later, the carpet is disgusting {even though I vacuumed weekly!}.  So we began saving and researching the best flooring option for us & our budget.

Fast forward to today - after going back & forth between new carpet, hardwood, or laminate, we found some great laminate wood flooring at an unbeatable price.  While we've had the flooring for a couple months now {just sitting in our front room taunting me}, I am happy to say we officially finished our first room last weekend and I'm loving the look and overall feel that we have now created!

Of course, laminate isn't known for being the best wood flooring product out there, but to be honest, we found it to be the best option for our lifestyle & budget.  And while I'm no expert by any means, it's hard to tell a huge difference between real hardwood & laminate flooring once we laid down the flooring in our house.

We still have several rooms & hallways left to complete, but just finishing this room has given me a lot of motivation to get the rest of it laid down as soon as we can!  Plus, then I can cross another Leap List item off {#6} :)

*Sorry for the lack of outfit photos this week, but due to our flooring situation, our house has been in transition {i.e. furniture piled in rooms while we work on others}.  I hope to be back to my normal WIWW posts in the coming weeks!

Monday, March 26, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 4

This week flew by!  Literally, I don't really recall taking all my pictures, but lo & behold, I did.  Part of the reason for the fast week was that Sam & I have been busy working on our floors.  And I'm so excited to see some actual progress {pictures coming soon}.  Unfortunately, they all won't get finished overnight, but the fact that one room is done makes me feel like it won't be long before the rest of them get finished.  Send us some good, safe home improvement thoughts over the coming weeks, will you?

+ Day 19 - funny {the man who makes me laugh the hardest}
+ Day 20 - before/after {the start of new flooring}
+ Day 21 - delicious {snack - hummus & pita chips}

+ Day 22 - kitchen sink
+ Day 23 - moon {shaped cookie + Kristi}
+ Day 24 - animal {my favorite pup}
+ Day 25 - breakfast

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Framing My Face

As I've mentioned before, I'm really not the type to wear make up on a regular basis.  So when it comes to framing my face, my preference lies with my accessories. 

A few of my favorites include: a cute headband, a statement necklace, or a ruffled scarf.  While these pieces might seam simple, they not only allow me to add more to my outfit, but also serve as nice accents when it come to framing my face.

What do you use when wanting to frame your face?  Check out what others have to say over at BlogHer's Life Well Lived page and read the comments.

And while you're there, be sure to enter the sweepstakes to win a Kindle Fire!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm bored of my closet!

There I said it.  I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over & over again because I have nothing to wear, but if you saw my closet, you'd know that just isn't the case.  It's usually times like these where I go through and get rid of the items that I no longer reach for.  A couple months back, I bought The No Brainer Wardrobe and have yet to get farther than the first couple pages, not because I don't like it, but rather because I've just been putting it off.  So, as I have said for the last few weeks, I'm hoping, with the help of Pinterest & The No Brainer Wardrobe, to find some new inspiration & enjoyment out of my own closet.  Can you help me stay accountable?

{jacket: Gap outlet; tee: Old Navy; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

{top: J.Crew, borrowed from Kristi; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

{dress: Modcloth; leggings: local boutique; boots: Target}

And this week's Pinterest inspiration:

And my interpretation from my closet:

{sweater + top: J.Crew; jeans: Nordstrom; flats: Clarks}

pleated poppy

Monday, March 19, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 3

March usually brings a mix of weather to our area and this year has been no different.  We've seen a dash of snow, buckets of rain, surprise hail storms, high gusts of wind, and only a pinch of sun here & there.  While it's difficult to think that warmer days are ahead, these little prompts have helped take my mind off the state of the weather.

+ Day 12 - fork {+ dinner}
+ Day 13 - a sign {and constant reminder}
+ Day 14 - clouds {nothing but}
+ Day 15 - car {our sweet ride :)}

+ Day 16 - sunglasses {for a sunny day, finally!}
+ Day 17 - green {lunch}
+ Day 18 - corner of our home {cozy bedroom nook}

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leap List item #3- Simply Blissed

It's been way over a month since I've mentioned anything about my Leap List, but don't take that as I've forgotten or moved on from it. Actually, I've been working on a few and am just waiting for them to be completed.

Turns out I did complete one of my Leap List items back in February, but for some reason hadn't gotten around to writing about it. So for recording sake, here's how I completed #3 - Get a massage.

To be honest, I thought getting my first {professional} massage would be one of the last things I completed, but once one of my best friends heard about my Leap List, she took it upon herself to help me out.

The best friend scheduled everything and all I had to do was show up and receive my massage. When I arrived, I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. But thanks to the kind people at Simply Blissed, I came out feeling more relaxed than I'd ever felt before.

Now if only I had a second job so I could get a massage every month... I'd settle for once a year if I'm lucky!

Other Leap List items on the horizon...
#2 - Change my passport to show my married
#4 - Run a 5k
#6 - Install new flooring in our house

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I enjoy shopping.  However, I am not made of money.  But do you know what turns all that around?  Having a best friend who wears the same size as you AND lives in the same town!  It's really awesome!  So thank you to my bestie, Kristi, for opening her closet to me this week {and every week} and always inspiring me to think outside my tee + jeans combo.

{scarf: NYC; sweater: Gap; pants: Old Navy; shoes: Born}

{necklace: Anthropologie; top: J.Crew, borrowed from Kristi; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

{sweater: J.Crew; shirt: Downeast Basics; jeans: Banana Republic outlet; shoes: Toms}

And my Pinterest inspiration for the week from the lovely Emerald at Sunday Crossbow:

And my interpretation from my closet:
{scarf: NYC; sweater + top: Anthropologie; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Clarks}

pleated poppy

Monday, March 12, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 2

First full week of March.  Why do the days feel like they're flying by?  As much as I enjoy the warmer months, I'd like to live each day to the fullest {pretty cheesy huh?}.  I guess that's what's good about these challenges --- allowing me to find the joy in the little, everyday things that I might otherwise overlook.

+ Day 5 - smile {this is what I get when I ask him to smile}
+ Day 6 - 5pm {blogging}
+ Day 7 - something I wore {greens}
+ Day 8 - windows {at our girl's night location}

+ Day 9 - red {homemade lasagna rolls}
+ Day 10 - loud {but beautiful}
+ Day 11 - someone I talked to {my baby niece who jabbers to me}

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl #BHBC

Have you ever been in a situation where you would do anything to help out a friend?  The type where you know it will be hard, but ultimately better for them in the end?  I can think of several off the top of my head, which made me instantly relate to Ace & Lilly’s determination to help their best friend, Chloe, in Diary of a Mad Fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee.

When Ace & Lilly found out about Chloe’s horrible marriage, they knew they had to step in.  Between Ace’s strong will and Lilly’s social behavior, plus the help of some old and new friends, they worked hard to help Chloe see what was happening around her.  Of course it wasn’t very easy, especially with resistance from Chloe, but everyone came together to get the job done.

In the end, everyone ended up happy, which is usually a sign of a good book in my opinion.  And even though Ace, Lilly, and Chloe’s friendship was tested throughout the book, their relationship became stronger because of everything they went through together.

Check out BlogHer’s Book Club to read an excerpt from the book and even join in a few discussions.

While I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review, all opinions expressed above are my own.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It may be March, but the weather here can't make up it's mind.  One day it snows {a couple inches} and the next it's sunny & in the high 50's.  Either way, layering has become a good friend of mine, as well as my rain jacket.

{sweatshirt: Shade; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Valentine Toms}

 {top + jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

This week's Pinterest inspiration:

And my interpretation from my closet:

 {top: J.Crew; jeans: Gap; boots: Target}

pleated poppy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 1

Happy March!  Usually at this time of the year, I'd be anticipating the upcoming weeks of warmer weather & fresh flowers, but this morning I woke up to snow {for the second time this month already}!  Here's to hoping spring isn't too far away...

+ Day 1 - up {the stairs}
+ Day 2 - fruit {little cutie}
+ Day 3 - our neighborhood
+ Day 4 - bedside {simple, but necessary}

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Love: appSmitten

In the age of the smartphone, I feel like almost every one I know is talking about the newest + best app out there today.  Instead of trying to keep up with them all, I've decided to turn to the expertise of appSmitten for my app suggestions.

For those who haven't heard of the awesomeness behind appSmitten, listen up!  Simply put, appSmitten researches the millions of apps out there and then hand-selects the best ones to send recommendations on directly to people's inboxes daily/weekly/monthly {depending on how frequently you prefer}.

And did I mention this newsletter is free?  Because, to be honest, that was a big perk for me.  All you have to do is sign up and they'll do all the work.  How much easier can it get?

I first heard about appSmitten from a fellow blogger, Katie from Loves of Life, a couple months ago.  And since I signed up for their newsletter, I've immediately downloaded many apps primarily because of appSmitten's recommendation.

So if you're in the need for apps that will keep you organized, entertained, or productive, give appSmitten a try and see what new-to-you apps you will discover!

Disclosure: I teamed up with BlogHer to be an affiliate for appSmitten.  While I will receive a small compensation for newsletter subscribers, all the opinions above are my own.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

#febphotoaday Week 5

And another month down!  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, February was kind of harder than January as far as creativity went, but I pushed through it and I'm already looking forward to #marchphotoaday {you think I'm crazy, huh?}.  Here are the last few pictures of the month:

+ Day 27 - what I ate {Cheerios for breakfast}
+ Day 28 - money {counter for loose change}
+ Day 29 - something I'm listening to {Sara Bareilles!}

Also, I wanted to mention {for memory sake} another thing I finished last month {thanks to Chic Runner for the inspiration}:

It was really tough most days, but I am glad I finished it.  Most people probably can't see any differences, but I know my clothes are fitting better and I feel healthier overall.

So here's to a new month... hello March!