Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Calvin // Four Months

Dear Calvin,

You are no longer a newborn, which is both sad & exciting for this mama.  Don't get me wrong - I love watching you discover new things (your hands, our faces, new lights), but sometimes I miss the squishy, cuddly times from a couple months ago.

One thing every one comments on --- you love to move & jump!  If we are holding you on our laps, you immediately want to stand & wiggle around. Honestly, the only time you are really still is when you're sleeping, which (sadly) hasn't been a lot.  We received a few tips from your pediatrician, so we'll officially be sleep training this next month...

Even though you're not in the large growth percentiles, we can tell you're still growing!  Cloth diapers are finally fitting well and we have moved you into the next clothing size (3-6 months).  The pediatrician would still like you to be gaining more weight, so we'll probably be trying oat cereal in the near future.

Our days may seem long, but I am thankful for every minute I get to spend with you, baby boy!


Four month stats:
Height - 24.5" [15%]
Weight - 13lbs 6oz [8%]
Head Circumference - 43" [83%]

[one month]
[two months]
[three months]

Friday, August 15, 2014

Stitch Fix number 9

When asked what I wanted for my birthday (last month), I knew there was one thing I could ask for that would be just for me... Stitch Fix gift cards!  So I scheduled myself a July fix in anticipation :)

Left: 41 Hawthorn Trinidad Chevron Print Henley Blouse ($48) with Just Black Kristy Skinny Jean ($78)
Right: Daniel Rainn Ricardo Pleat Detail Sleeveless Silk Blouse ($68) with Mavi Karl Distressed Cuffed Boyfriend Short ($88)

Both: Sanctuary Carden Cargo Jacket ($158)

After my last fix, I updated my Stitch Fix style profile and specifically asked for a pair of skinny jeans in a shorter length.  I didn't have hopes in finding a pair that worked due to my struggle to find any when I shop myself, but the skinny jeans that Carrie (my stylist) picked out fit perfectly!  I was shocked and promptly wore them for the rest of the weekend.  They are my favorite! 

I also really liked the look and feel of the cargo jacket, but felt like I couldn't justify the price.  Bummer...

The other three items - boyfriend shorts, henley blouse, & silk blouse - were all no's for various fit, style, or material reasons.  With my new position of staying home with Calvin, I find myself looking for items that look nice, put together, yet are still comfortable to crawl around on the floor in or go to the grocery story in (glamorous life, huh?) and most of the items didn't fit that criteria.

With some credit remaining, I've requested a fix next month in anticipation of the Influence Conference and I hope to get a few items that will work both at the conference + at home.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  It's a dream come true for this new mom!

Monday, August 4, 2014

August Goals

This summer is flying by! I shouldn't be surprised (we've only had one of two weekends at home) and yet here I am, wondering how it's already August.

July was rough when it came to my goals. We were busy with life and the transition to motherhood isn't as easy as I once thought.  I really wish I could have crossed more things off (see below), but I'm reminding myself that these are goals with grace. If nothing else, posting these each month and sharing how I fared keeps me accountable & transparent.  Both things I am learning I need more of every day...

July Recap:

1. Take a close look at our spending at least once a week (if not more!) and try to stick to a tight budget that Sam & I have agreed upon for the month. --- FAIL. I'm chalking this up to our busy summer, but I'd really like to implement this one this month, maybe with a Saturday morning breakfast date with Sam.

2. Help + support my husband, specifically with his photography business, without being asked to do so. --- So-so. I didn't help with the photography business as much as I'd (or he'd) like, but I feel like I'm slowly starting to get the hang of taking care of our home with a baby.

3. Start transitioning Calvin to sleeping in his own room. --- Another fail. I guess I thought this one would be easier, but I was wrong. Now we are struggling with sleep on all accounts...

4. Post at least one blog post per week on Grable Tales. --- Three out of four weeks isn't a complete fail, but I wish I was able to post more, so this one is going to be repeated this month.

August Goals:

1. Stick to our budget + look at it weekly with Sam.

2. Find ways to support Sam, both at home & with his photography business.

3. Post at least one blog post per week on Grable Tales.

4. Work on getting Calvin on some sort of routine (any tips are welcome!).

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