Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Calvin // Four Months

Dear Calvin,

You are no longer a newborn, which is both sad & exciting for this mama.  Don't get me wrong - I love watching you discover new things (your hands, our faces, new lights), but sometimes I miss the squishy, cuddly times from a couple months ago.

One thing every one comments on --- you love to move & jump!  If we are holding you on our laps, you immediately want to stand & wiggle around. Honestly, the only time you are really still is when you're sleeping, which (sadly) hasn't been a lot.  We received a few tips from your pediatrician, so we'll officially be sleep training this next month...

Even though you're not in the large growth percentiles, we can tell you're still growing!  Cloth diapers are finally fitting well and we have moved you into the next clothing size (3-6 months).  The pediatrician would still like you to be gaining more weight, so we'll probably be trying oat cereal in the near future.

Our days may seem long, but I am thankful for every minute I get to spend with you, baby boy!


Four month stats:
Height - 24.5" [15%]
Weight - 13lbs 6oz [8%]
Head Circumference - 43" [83%]

[one month]
[two months]
[three months]

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