Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Calvin // Three Months

Dear Calvin,

How are you already three months old? I find myself wishing away these first few months because of the fun memories we have ahead of us, but then again, this time is special too.  Keep reminding me of that, sweet boy!

This month brought some fun developments:

1. Last month you smiled and this month you full-on laughed! Sure, your dad & I usually have to do something ridiculous to get you to do so, but we love it nonetheless!
2. If you're not eating or sleeping, you are trying to find a way to stand + kick around. You are strong! I'm nervous you're going to be an early mover...
3. You have found your hands and you want them in your mouth all.the.time. I try to sneak your binky in before things get too wet, but you are a fast one, for sure!

You also met a lot of (extended) family this month. We attended a family wedding on your grandma's side and she loved showing you off! Then some of your grandpa's family came up from California and we got to spend the day with them.  As usual, you were a charmer and they all fell in love with you :)

We didn't visit the pediatrician this month, so I don't have updated stats, but I do know you're growing since we packed up all your newborn clothes (tear!) and started transitioning you to cloth diapers, which has been an adventure...


[one month]
[two months]

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