Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Honestly, I never thought I'd find community online.

When I signed up for Twitter and started blogging, it was more for entertainment. I simply read blog after blog, without commenting, just so I wouldn't be labeled a stalker (funny, I know). And when I posted on my own blog, I told myself it was for family because surely no one else would want to read it or get to know me, right?

It actually wasn't until I joined a Flickr group (The Working Closet) that I finally started to interact with other people and form my first online friendships. And from there, I slowly built up the courage to expand my interactions and begin to build a small community.

Now, the online world has become more about friendships, instead of just entertainment, and I have the Influence Network + Conference to thank for that. In a world where negativity & comparison seem to flow freely, the Influence Network strives to be a positive influence both online + offline while helping you build community where you are at in life. Who wouldn't want that? 

If this sounds like something you're looking for, come to the Influence Conference in September - you won't be disappointed!

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