Monday, August 4, 2014

August Goals

This summer is flying by! I shouldn't be surprised (we've only had one of two weekends at home) and yet here I am, wondering how it's already August.

July was rough when it came to my goals. We were busy with life and the transition to motherhood isn't as easy as I once thought.  I really wish I could have crossed more things off (see below), but I'm reminding myself that these are goals with grace. If nothing else, posting these each month and sharing how I fared keeps me accountable & transparent.  Both things I am learning I need more of every day...

July Recap:

1. Take a close look at our spending at least once a week (if not more!) and try to stick to a tight budget that Sam & I have agreed upon for the month. --- FAIL. I'm chalking this up to our busy summer, but I'd really like to implement this one this month, maybe with a Saturday morning breakfast date with Sam.

2. Help + support my husband, specifically with his photography business, without being asked to do so. --- So-so. I didn't help with the photography business as much as I'd (or he'd) like, but I feel like I'm slowly starting to get the hang of taking care of our home with a baby.

3. Start transitioning Calvin to sleeping in his own room. --- Another fail. I guess I thought this one would be easier, but I was wrong. Now we are struggling with sleep on all accounts...

4. Post at least one blog post per week on Grable Tales. --- Three out of four weeks isn't a complete fail, but I wish I was able to post more, so this one is going to be repeated this month.

August Goals:

1. Stick to our budget + look at it weekly with Sam.

2. Find ways to support Sam, both at home & with his photography business.

3. Post at least one blog post per week on Grable Tales.

4. Work on getting Calvin on some sort of routine (any tips are welcome!).

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  1. hi! coming over from the goals link up!

    oh man, first off, give yourself grace for being a new mom - it's SO much harder to get things accomplished! my husband and i have really gotten into a "budget groove" using - it's free and also has an app, great budgeting, etc.

    for the baby - the main book we've used is healthy sleep habits, happy baby by weissbluth - just all about getting baby on a schedule. my 5 month old doesn't have a daytime schedule but he does have a routine...and he sleeps 6:30pm-6:30am in his own room every night. but we had to endure a few nights of crying/screaming to get him adjusted - but now, he's golden. i've also started reading baby wise, which seems good so far! good luck :)

    Whitney @ Journey Mercies

  2. Praying for you friend as you continue to transition into motherhood! I can't believe how big Calvin looks already!