Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

With temperatures hovering between 60 and 70 degrees lately (with a couple 80 degree days thrown in for fun) , it's hard not to think of all the summer skirts out there. And although I enjoy a good skirt, I rarely find myself in one... until this year! If you take a look in my closet, you'll see that I have a good amount of skirts I could definitely work into my daily wardrobe and why not take advantage of the nice weather and let my legs enjoy it too!

The Foldover Jersey Skirt from Old Navy has recently caught my eye for a couple reasons. (1) Since I sit at a computer for most of the work week, why not be comfortable doing it. (2) And, who doesn't love bright colors to spring up their outfits! Plus, it's only $15, which is practically a steal in my book.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Working Out.

As mentioned here, Sam & I joined a gym recently. I'll be honest, I joined so Sam would have someone to go with and to hold him accountable. I've really never been the "exercising" type and quickly get bored walking around a track. I know my body could use the workouts as well, so Courthouse Athletic Club we joined.

We opted for a package that locks us into going to the gym for the next 12 months. Seems a little drastic, but I believe that this will better both Sam & I's health in the long run. And since we see ourselves in Salem for at least another 12 months, why not avoid the $150 joining fee. The package has its perks too: access to any of the 5 clubs in the Salem-Keizer area; tanning allowance; towel service; and guests! We also have access to a fitness coach, if we need one. (I, in fact, have already taken advantage of this service)

For the last 10 days, Sam & I have gone to the gym at least 4 times. That's almost every other day. And let it be said, I actually enjoy it! To my surprise, I've been the one who's said "want to go to the gym tonight?", instead of dragging my heals when Sam asks. I believe part of the reason for my excitement towards going to the gym is the class our fitness coach suggested. It's called Power Active and basically covers cardio, strength, and flexibility 20 minute sections. And let me tell you, my body aches (in a good way) after each class.

I think (I hope!) I'll stick it out with this gym thing. But just in case, please hold me to it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Since we picked Buster up a year and half ago from Sam's aunt & uncle, I've been drawn to pugs just a little bit more. We recieve greeting cards with pugs on them. I've been given a beanie baby pug. And basically any memorabilia that has a pug on it, usually finds it's way home to us. Who knew we'd become so interested in this interesting breed of dogs.

With Buster still in the running for "cutest pug" over at Leaving & Loving on a Jet Plane, what better way to promote the voting (again) and show our love of pugs than to dedicate this Wish List item to our one-and-only Buster!

Introducing: Pet Silhouette prints.

For only $20, you recieve an 8x10 print with your choice of dog breed & color of background. Of course I'm definitely partial to the print on the far right side, second row down -- yup, that would be a pug! Not to mention, I'd have to get the one right below to represent our fiesty chihuahua, Lily.

I love the feel of this print because it's subtle, yet shows your love of man's best friend. And by chosing the color, you can cordinate for the area of your home you plan to hang it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another busy weekend...

Don't get me wrong, I love keeping busy & seeing people I love, but this weekend felt like I was running from one place to the next until Sunday evening.

Friday night: finally rented Marley & Me and cried my eyes out...
Saturday morning: Sam & I got up early, early, early and went to the gym. Then we scooted back home in order for me to get on my way to Bend by 9am.

Saturday: got to Bend around 11:15 and met my mom at Target. We ran some errands and then headed to Redmond for a baby shower. Fun to see Kaity before little Jaxson gets here! I also got to see Michelle (the baby shower from last month) before her little guy gets here. Still hard to believe my friends are having babies.

Saturday night: my mom took me out to dinner at one of my favorite places, McMenamins. Then we went to a reading for the non-profit she helps with. I believe the show was called "What I know now" and revolved around letters written to your younger self with the knowledge & experience you have now. There were letters from famous people, as well as community members. My mom had taken a class and one of her letters were read out loud by an actress from Bend. It was very powerful and there were tears & laughter and I'm so happy I was able to attend.

Sunday morning: unfortunately, I had to get on the road back to Salem at 9am, so on my way I went.

Sunday: Sam & I had been talking about going to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn, but Sunday happened to be the nicest day in a few weeks, so everyone else's plan was the same. We also were planning on meeting my friends, Jon & Rachel, at the festival, but they had a time restraint and the lines were ridiculous. Instead, Sam & I just headed to Newberg (our old stomping grounds =)) and met Jon & Rachel for lunch. It was so nice to catch up and enjoy the company.

Sunday night: Sam & I got home around 4pm from Newberg, after making a stop at Lowes to pick up some lawn necessities. I then proceeded to plop myself on the couch and not move much until it was time for bed.

I had a great weekend, just a busy one. I was able to see so many people and I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jamba Juice

Loving my Jamba Juice., originally uploaded by meaghangrable.

Although the day calls for rain showers, my mind is on the sunny weekend ahead. And what better to have when you're enjoying the sun then a delicious Jamba Juice!

*Even on my wedding day, Jamba Juice was a priority. =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

With so much hype about getting in shape and staying healthy these days, I thought it fitting for my Wish List item to follow suit. Espeically since Sam & I joined a gym last night.

Hello Waterbox Icon Stainless-Steel Bottle! At under $15, this bottle will quench your thirst for days, months, maybe even years without polluting the environment with more plastic bottles. And it's cute & stylish! In a rough economic time like we are in now, saving the environment and a penny should be #1, and our bodies should be well hydrated as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Keep Voting!

Buster & Me

I know we've got a month to go on this voting business for Pugapalooza, but I wanted to remind everyone (maybe the 3 people that read this) to VOTE if they haven't.

All you have to do is go over to Leaving and Loving on a Jet Plane and place your vote on the right hand side.

Thanks for participating!

P.S. A few pictures from this weekend coming soon!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cutest Pug?

Remember when I wrote about Buster being an finalist in the Pugapalooza 2009? Well now it's time to vote on the Cutest Pug!

Want to know how? Simply head on over to Leaving and Loving on a Jet Plane and cast your vote!

I may be a bit biased, but I think my pup is unique and oh so cute! But cast your vote and see who wins! Voting is open until May 10!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Now this tee might look like any other tee out there, but there's just something about J.Crew's style that keeps me coming back for more. If I had an extra $40 lying around, I'd be sure to pick up one of these A.S.A.P. As mentioned before, I love a good pair of jeans, and put a simple tee with some great jeans and you've got my favorite outfit! And lets not forget the ruffles, oh how I adore!

Now if only this tee could somehow make it's way to my closet...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

When it comes to the kitchen, I'm a baker. I don't mind cooking, but give me a recipe that involves baking and I'm happy! Cookies, cakes, pies, & cupcakes. I love them all! So I'm not too surprised (and my family & friends shouldn't be either) that this week's Wednesday Wants is another cookie cutter.

I love Fleur de Lis ANYTHING!

An abridged version on my love of Fleur de Lis' stems back to my life-changing trip to New Orleans in 2005, 6 1/2 months after Huricane Katrina devestated the Gulf Coast. With the symbol of New Orleans plastered everywhere, it's hard not to think back on what we saw & expereienced while down South.

I'd decorate my whole home in Fleur de Lis' if I could, but alas, I don't want to be THAT person. So instead, I'll lust after this cookie cutter in hopes that I can make them for everyone I know someday.

P.S. I once went to a bakery down in Eugene that sold these Fleur de Lis shapped cookies & desperately wanted to buy them all instantly. This cookie cutter would definitely be a cheaper way to go, instead of buying all the cookies. =)

Refinance & Budgeting

On a whim, Sam & I were presented with an opportunity to refinance our home we've had for just over a year. We'd been thinking it would be nice to lock into a lower interest rate, but thought that with all the extra closing costs that come with refinances it wouldn't be worth it at this time. That's when our awesome loan consultant, Conrad, called and offered us a deal we couldn't say no to.

This new offer is for a Traditional 30-Year Fixed loan at a lower interest rate. The closing costs are being capped at $2,500 (which is less than half what they normally cost) and they're just adding that on to our loan, so no extra out-of-pocket costs to us. The big benefit to us is that we'll be going from an Interest-Only loan to the Traditional 30-Year Fixed loan. The way I understand it is that we'll now be paying towards principle AND interest, instead of just our interest only. (We originally went with an Interest-Only loan because it saved us money in payments, but with this new deal, the payments will be lower due to the interest rates being lower -- good news all around!) Overall, we'll be saving a lot in interest in the long run and that sounds good to us!

Although we're not going to see a huge difference in payments, we will be saving about $40 a month, which can add up. Hopefully we'll stick to our budget & be able to pay off our pesky credit cards A.S.A.P.!