Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Wish List

Since we picked Buster up a year and half ago from Sam's aunt & uncle, I've been drawn to pugs just a little bit more. We recieve greeting cards with pugs on them. I've been given a beanie baby pug. And basically any memorabilia that has a pug on it, usually finds it's way home to us. Who knew we'd become so interested in this interesting breed of dogs.

With Buster still in the running for "cutest pug" over at Leaving & Loving on a Jet Plane, what better way to promote the voting (again) and show our love of pugs than to dedicate this Wish List item to our one-and-only Buster!

Introducing: Pet Silhouette prints.

For only $20, you recieve an 8x10 print with your choice of dog breed & color of background. Of course I'm definitely partial to the print on the far right side, second row down -- yup, that would be a pug! Not to mention, I'd have to get the one right below to represent our fiesty chihuahua, Lily.

I love the feel of this print because it's subtle, yet shows your love of man's best friend. And by chosing the color, you can cordinate for the area of your home you plan to hang it.

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