Friday, April 24, 2009

Working Out.

As mentioned here, Sam & I joined a gym recently. I'll be honest, I joined so Sam would have someone to go with and to hold him accountable. I've really never been the "exercising" type and quickly get bored walking around a track. I know my body could use the workouts as well, so Courthouse Athletic Club we joined.

We opted for a package that locks us into going to the gym for the next 12 months. Seems a little drastic, but I believe that this will better both Sam & I's health in the long run. And since we see ourselves in Salem for at least another 12 months, why not avoid the $150 joining fee. The package has its perks too: access to any of the 5 clubs in the Salem-Keizer area; tanning allowance; towel service; and guests! We also have access to a fitness coach, if we need one. (I, in fact, have already taken advantage of this service)

For the last 10 days, Sam & I have gone to the gym at least 4 times. That's almost every other day. And let it be said, I actually enjoy it! To my surprise, I've been the one who's said "want to go to the gym tonight?", instead of dragging my heals when Sam asks. I believe part of the reason for my excitement towards going to the gym is the class our fitness coach suggested. It's called Power Active and basically covers cardio, strength, and flexibility 20 minute sections. And let me tell you, my body aches (in a good way) after each class.

I think (I hope!) I'll stick it out with this gym thing. But just in case, please hold me to it!


  1. More power to you! I always admire anyone with discipline and determination to workout at the gym for better health.

  2. That's awesome! I hope you continue to enjoy the club.