Sunday, January 31, 2010

OOTD 1.28.09

Top: Macy*s
Pants: Gap
Flats: Urban Outfitters

My office dress code is very relaxed (and by relaxed I mean there really isn't one). Therefore when I dress in something a little more professional, I get the inevitable "do you have a job interview today?". If only they realized I just wanted to wear some of my "work" clothes.

Friday, January 29, 2010

What's In My Bag

I don't like to pry or invade other's privacy, but I will admit that I do enjoy seeing a glimpse into other people's lives (i.e. posting to The Working Closet pool so I can see what others are wearing, even if it's not in person). So Anthropologie's What's In My Bag spotlight was the perfect way to show my readers what's in my bag and hopefully in return, see what's in theirs!

(1) First, I received this purse for Christmas this year after practically buying it myself on a number of occasions (I think Sam got the hint). I love the bold print and the amazing ability to practically carry anything I ever wanted with me. (2) My wallet was also a Christmas gift, but from several years ago. As my love for Seatbelt Bags has grown through the years, this is the perfect wallet for me. Like my purse, it holds everything I need, plus it is incredibly durable. I see this sticking with me for years to come! (3) This coin purse that holds some of the daily necessities I don't want rolling around on the bottom of my bag, such as chap stick, a Tide-to-go pen, an extra pair of headphones & bobby pins. (4) Since getting my iPhone 6 months ago, there is hardly a time when I go anywhere without it (Withdrawls begin to happen! Seriously!). (5) After saving my own money for my first iPod Mini in 2005, Sam surprised me with an upgrade in 2007 for my birthday in the form of this beautiful, pink iPod Nano! (6) In college, my camera was always with me. Yes, I was the girl who took fifty pictures at one event and immediately went home and posted them on Facebook. While, I don't take as many pictures, I still carry my point-and-shoot around, in case inspiration strikes! (7) For some reason, my eyes are very sensitive to light and I receive an almost instant headache without proper shades, especially on a long car ride. (8) I was given this tiny notebook from my college roommate/maid of honor/best friend and I believe it is perfect for me! I mean, do you see the cupcake? (9) Lastly, I have the "key" to my life - my keys :)

So, what's in your bag?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Jean-Less Week

I stated here that I wanted to start utilizing my closet more and wearing more than just jeans & a tee every day. Well, last week was my first (of many, I hope) jean-less week!

I started off the week easing into the idea, but by the end of the week I was wearing a skirt that I hadn’t worn in almost a year. Out of all my outfits for the week, my favorite has to be Thursday’s button down & wide trouser pants combo. There was something about the simple pieces that made me feel grown-up & professional & almost as comfortable as I am in jeans & a tee!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ups & Downs

Lately, my emotions have been out of control! One minute I will be happy & smiling and then next my eyes are welling up with tears & I can’t get them to stop. And all because of what? Honestly, I can't pin point a specific reason at the time, but there has been some big changes happening around me that may be the root of my range of emotions.

First, my mom has been talking about moving back to California for as long as I can remember. She originally moved to Oregon for my dad's job, but when the divorce was final, she couldn't bare to move us away from our friends. Now that both my brother & I are out of the house and an awesome job opportunity has come up for her, she is finally moving back to where she grew up. Unfortunately for me, this means she will now be over 10 hours away, instead of the 2 or 3 she's always been. Of course I don't blame her for moving because she is finally doing something for herself, but that’s not to say it isn’t making me sad to know that she won’t be in the same state any more.

Secondly, while I do have a job that I enjoy and am using my degree with, there has been quite a bit of movement due to the economy, which has left me feeling a little lost and confused at where I belong. I am usually still doing what I was hired to do, but with the shift in positions & departments, I find myself searching for where I fit in, ultimately leaving me frustrated when communication falls to the ground.

Lastly, there is the weather. The months of going to & from work while it’s still dark. The days & days of rain. The winter blues. Most of the time I can brush it off, but I feel like it’s hitting me harder right now than in the past, reflecting in my mood & emotions.

I'm hoping this all passes soon, but until then, I simply need to remember that I am happily married, I have a job, and I'm healthy, and hopefully these ups & downs will find a way to leave me alone. Until then, at least I have somewhere to express myself - thank you for listening!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are

Today is national Delurker Day!

I saw this on a number of blogs last year around this time and it gave me a great opportunity to step out of the reading-only closet and comment on some of my favorite blogs more often!

Therefore, I invite you to comment today and anytime in the future! I love comments!

Monday, January 11, 2010


(borrowed from Matt's facebook)

Just wanted to send out a quick "congratulations" to my BIL Matt and soon-to-be SIL Krista! They got engaged last night and are planning a July wedding! Can't wait!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Closet & OOTD (1.10.10)

To be honest, I currently wear about 40% of my wardrobe from week to week. I really have a lot of different possibilities hanging up in my closet (seen above, most collecting dust) , yet I go to the same pieces of clothing over and over again. So going along with the hope to follow my 2010 goals, I would like to include utilizing all of the clothing that is currently residing in my closet as an addition to this year’s list. Ultimately, this means that I will try to stop hiding behind my dependable jeans-and-tee outfit everyday and begin embracing the skirts, dresses, and slacks that are waiting to be worn.

Following suit of another {amazing} blogger, I also look forward to posting a few of my favorite outfits here in a section I will refer to as OOTD (or Outfit of the Day). And you're in luck! Here is today's OOTD:

Glasses: Coach

Tee: Gap

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Hue

Wedges: Privo

Look, a skirt! I hope this not only makes use of my (always growing) closet, but also challenges me to put together looks that I might usually pass by or think I couldn’t pull off. Here’s to dressing up in 2010!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I Know Now

This is adapted from an idea I received from my mom last year. She took a class that was based on the book "What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self", which compiles letters from women sharing their current wisdom to their younger selves. Through the class, my mom was asked to write a letter to a younger version of herself, which would be read by a local actress at a charity event the next month. I ended up being in town the weekend of the event and was able to accompany my mom to this moving event. I hope I can share the idea as well as my mom did with me.

Dear Meaghan,

At nine years old, you are a social butterfly who feels more alone than she's ever felt before. Of course, you didn't see it coming, I don't think anyone really does, but divorce has the unfortunate ability to flip your life upside down without a moment's notice.

Your parents just gave you the news. You (naively) thought that they might be telling you and your brother that we were all going somewhere, like a trip, however your dad was the only one leaving this time. The days immediately following will have you watching your mom hide up in her room and cry herself to sleep every night. You won't know what to do, but you will tell her it will all be okay, even if you really don't know yet yourself. While you wish you could hide out for the rest of your life, eventually you will have to get out of the house and face a world you know nothing about, but life will go on. That I can promise!

Within a year of the divorce, your dad will remarry, have his third child, and move 3,000 miles away. This will begin the roller coaster I refer to as "your relationship" and it will be anything but a smooth ride. However, your mom will do everything in her powers to give you the life she always dreamed for you. She will be at every conference, dance recital, sporting event, and choir concert without a moment of hesitation and always with a smile on her face. You won't see eye-to-eye all the time, but remember that you and your brother are her whole world!

There will be several times in the next 15 years that you will wonder what life would be like if your parents were still together, but you will come to realize that your mom is right when she says, "everything happens for a reason". It won't be easy and your trust issues will surely rear their ugly head, but remember if you ever have to ask yourself, "am I good enough?", the answer will always be yes! Just listen to all the family & friends who tell you every day!


Monday, January 4, 2010


Our New Years Eve was relatively quiet (the way we prefer it). We ran errands in the morning, then did some damage up at the outlet mall with Sam's brother & brother's girlfriend, followed by some macaroni & cheese and Julie & Julia. The Weathers also made an appearance for a round of games before we entered 2010. A fun night!

I am not one who usually makes resolutions each year, but I have a few things I would like to strive for/live by this year:

* Workout at least 3 times/week
* Read at least 1 book/month
* Stick to our set budget hard!
* Use what I have before buying new (shampoo, lotion, etc.)
* Buy what I LOVE, not just like.

They seem simple enough, but will require some discipline on my part, I am sure!

I hope to bring more to this here blog as well (both serious & entertaining). I am not sure how many readers I have outside our family & close friends, but I would like to connect to any and all readers who stumble upon Grable Tales. So welcome 2010 & Happy New Year to all my readers out there!