Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Jean-Less Week

I stated here that I wanted to start utilizing my closet more and wearing more than just jeans & a tee every day. Well, last week was my first (of many, I hope) jean-less week!

I started off the week easing into the idea, but by the end of the week I was wearing a skirt that I hadn’t worn in almost a year. Out of all my outfits for the week, my favorite has to be Thursday’s button down & wide trouser pants combo. There was something about the simple pieces that made me feel grown-up & professional & almost as comfortable as I am in jeans & a tee!


  1. I adore your Thursday outfit. I think I need to go more jean-less too.

  2. All are very cute..my favorite is the first one! Sometimes I wish I had a job where I could dress up a bit more that I do..Black jeans, red shirt and apron...day after day...

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