Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Closet & OOTD (1.10.10)

To be honest, I currently wear about 40% of my wardrobe from week to week. I really have a lot of different possibilities hanging up in my closet (seen above, most collecting dust) , yet I go to the same pieces of clothing over and over again. So going along with the hope to follow my 2010 goals, I would like to include utilizing all of the clothing that is currently residing in my closet as an addition to this year’s list. Ultimately, this means that I will try to stop hiding behind my dependable jeans-and-tee outfit everyday and begin embracing the skirts, dresses, and slacks that are waiting to be worn.

Following suit of another {amazing} blogger, I also look forward to posting a few of my favorite outfits here in a section I will refer to as OOTD (or Outfit of the Day). And you're in luck! Here is today's OOTD:

Glasses: Coach

Tee: Gap

Skirt: Anthropologie

Tights: Hue

Wedges: Privo

Look, a skirt! I hope this not only makes use of my (always growing) closet, but also challenges me to put together looks that I might usually pass by or think I couldn’t pull off. Here’s to dressing up in 2010!


  1. Very cute! And quite inspiring to me (who also tends to wear the same thing all the time)! Thanks for sharing! = )

  2. i love your post. i also have clothes in my closet that i don't wear but know that i could make some good outfits out of them. i look foward to seeing your new outfits in the working closet.

  3. I joined the Working Closet yesterday. I look forward to seeing more of your cute outfits! :)

  4. I generally wear almost everything in my closet, but whenever I'm bored I'll put together a bunch of outfits, take pictures and see how I like them. Then I'll hang the whole outfit on one hanger and hang it on the door of the closet to wear the coming week.

    - Blondie