Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Parenting Super Powers

Since becoming a mom, my priorities have shifted quite a bit. Instead of thinking of my own needs first, I now spend my time caring for my baby and keeping him alive day in & day out. To some, this might seem easy, but I find myself tapping into my "supermom" powers to get me through the day.

Multi-tasking. I've prided myself on being able to multi-task for years, but since becoming a mom this super power has taken a whole new meaning. I can start laundry, put dishes away, vacuum, and reply to emails all while rocking my baby. This isn't required all the time, but is a nice ability when I just need to get something done.

Super strength. Sometimes this looks like just keeping a determined baby away from harmful situations and other times this looks like having enough strength to soothe an unhappy child. Either way, my body is stronger in ways I didn't know possible.

Animal senses. This one surprised me the most. I had heard that a mom knows which cry is her baby's, but didn't fully believe it until I became a mom. With the help of safety gates and baby monitors, I'm able to know my child is safe whether they are in my arms or not.  Plus, companies like Dropcam have made things even easier by allowing your to monitor your child from your phone or tablet, which is a big plus to this tech-loving mama.

What super powers have you found while being a parent?

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