Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dear Calvin // Two Months

Dear Calvin,

I can only describe this last month together as a roller coaster. It might be my new mama emotions lingering, but it felt like every one of our triumphs was followed with a tough struggle or two. Oh sweet baby boy... it's safe to say I never imagined how hard it would be to take care of someone who's only form of communication is crying.  And while it hurts my heart to see real tears rolling down your face, I think we are [slowly] figuring out what you need & when and that gives me some hope.

On a positive note, this month was full of some noteworthy firsts - first flight, first smile, first long [6 hour] stretch of sleep - all which took place when we went to visit grandad [my dad] in New Hampshire. We also had your two month appointment, where you received high praises from your pediatrician for how well you can hold your head up [yay!]. She also mentioned you might be an early mover [uh oh!]...

Regardless of how our days go, I find myself still thanking God for trusting us with your tiny, precious life.  And I know we'll figure each other out one of these days :)


Two month stats:
Height - 22.75" [31%]
Weight - 11lbs 4.5oz [21%]
Head Circumference - 41" [93%]


  1. I am confident you are a great mama!! You have a cutie on your hands as well!

  2. Welcome to the Mama Club! I know you are doing a fabulous job with that sweet wee man! It may be hard to believe at times but at some point you will miss these days.

  3. He's really starting to look like a baby and less of a newborn! It's amazing how fast they change. Beautiful boy :)