Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Goals

If I could sum the month of May in one word, it would be survival. Most days we (Calvin + I) didn't get out of our pajamas. The day light hours were spent hunkered down on the couch getting to know one another (+ feeding/changing diapers a lot) & at night we just rocked + prayed for a few continuous hours of sleep. And with a little perseverance, we were even starting to find ourselves in a routine by the end of the month.

Honestly, after I posted my May goals, I didn't look at them again. Thankfully I didn't set any outrageous ones, but there are a couple that will roll into June. But first...

May Recap:

1. Take a close look at our spending and start looking for ways to cut costs where we can. --- I didn't devote as much time as I'd like on this, therefore this will be a top goal of mine for June.

2. Speak life into my husband. --- With Sam returning back to work after Calvin's birth, I knew this would be a hard transition for all of us. I made a little effort to encourage & uplift him as much as possible, but when all is said & done, I could have done more, so I'm going to roll this one over as well.

3. Continue to learn Calvin's cues AND remember to give myself grace throughout these first few months. --- This goal took precedence last month for obvious reasons. I can't say I'm fluent in 'Calvin cues' yet, but I do feel more confident caring for him.

June Goals:

1. Look at our monthly budget and continue to save where possible.

2. Continue to speak life into my husband.

3. Refine a routine that works for us and begin to transition Calvin to sleeping in his own room.

4. Post at least one blog post per week on Grable Tales. (Seems easy, but with a 7 week old who loves to be held, I find it difficult to find time to post most of the time.)

Every month I link up my goals with Hayley of The Tiny Twig's Goals with Grace.

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