Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear Calvin // One Month

Dear Calvin,

Hooray! We have survived our first month together!

It feels silly to type that out, but honestly this feels like a big accomplishment. Six months ago, I wasn't sure if we would even be able to celebrate this milestone with you, but here we are!

Just a few weeks ago, you came into this world inquisitive & pretty quiet and we've watched as you've taken in this big world with your beautiful steel blue eyes. Watching you discover and take in everything for the first time might be one of my favorite things about having a child!

With this month being your first, it's fitting that it was full of so many firsts. First day out of the womb. First time meeting family + friends. First pediatrician appointment. First (of many) photo shoots. First outing with just mama, which deserves it's own blog post. It's easy to get caught up in the firsts, but I'm also looking forward to finding a regular routine soon.

Cal, you have stolen our hearts! This month hasn't been easy, but you are an answer to our prayers. Even though we're a little sleep deprived and still working on figuring out your cries, but I hope you know that we will always love you, sweet baby boy!


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