Monday, March 12, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 2

First full week of March.  Why do the days feel like they're flying by?  As much as I enjoy the warmer months, I'd like to live each day to the fullest {pretty cheesy huh?}.  I guess that's what's good about these challenges --- allowing me to find the joy in the little, everyday things that I might otherwise overlook.

+ Day 5 - smile {this is what I get when I ask him to smile}
+ Day 6 - 5pm {blogging}
+ Day 7 - something I wore {greens}
+ Day 8 - windows {at our girl's night location}

+ Day 9 - red {homemade lasagna rolls}
+ Day 10 - loud {but beautiful}
+ Day 11 - someone I talked to {my baby niece who jabbers to me}

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