Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm bored of my closet!

There I said it.  I feel like I'm wearing the same thing over & over again because I have nothing to wear, but if you saw my closet, you'd know that just isn't the case.  It's usually times like these where I go through and get rid of the items that I no longer reach for.  A couple months back, I bought The No Brainer Wardrobe and have yet to get farther than the first couple pages, not because I don't like it, but rather because I've just been putting it off.  So, as I have said for the last few weeks, I'm hoping, with the help of Pinterest & The No Brainer Wardrobe, to find some new inspiration & enjoyment out of my own closet.  Can you help me stay accountable?

{jacket: Gap outlet; tee: Old Navy; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

{top: J.Crew, borrowed from Kristi; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

{dress: Modcloth; leggings: local boutique; boots: Target}

And this week's Pinterest inspiration:

And my interpretation from my closet:

{sweater + top: J.Crew; jeans: Nordstrom; flats: Clarks}

pleated poppy

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