Thursday, March 1, 2012

#febphotoaday Week 5

And another month down!  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, February was kind of harder than January as far as creativity went, but I pushed through it and I'm already looking forward to #marchphotoaday {you think I'm crazy, huh?}.  Here are the last few pictures of the month:

+ Day 27 - what I ate {Cheerios for breakfast}
+ Day 28 - money {counter for loose change}
+ Day 29 - something I'm listening to {Sara Bareilles!}

Also, I wanted to mention {for memory sake} another thing I finished last month {thanks to Chic Runner for the inspiration}:

It was really tough most days, but I am glad I finished it.  Most people probably can't see any differences, but I know my clothes are fitting better and I feel healthier overall.

So here's to a new month... hello March!

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