Monday, March 19, 2012

#marchphotoaday Week 3

March usually brings a mix of weather to our area and this year has been no different.  We've seen a dash of snow, buckets of rain, surprise hail storms, high gusts of wind, and only a pinch of sun here & there.  While it's difficult to think that warmer days are ahead, these little prompts have helped take my mind off the state of the weather.

+ Day 12 - fork {+ dinner}
+ Day 13 - a sign {and constant reminder}
+ Day 14 - clouds {nothing but}
+ Day 15 - car {our sweet ride :)}

+ Day 16 - sunglasses {for a sunny day, finally!}
+ Day 17 - green {lunch}
+ Day 18 - corner of our home {cozy bedroom nook}

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