Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Normally Wednesday is reserved for WIWW*, but today I have a special treat to share with you!

Back in 2008, Sam & I purchased our first home, a move-in ready place just for us.  While the space & feel of our house was just what we were looking for, there were a few changes we put on our "to-do list" that would make everything a little more livable for us in the future.  One of the biggest ones being our flooring situation.

See, we moved into our house with two pups and a lot of off-white carpet, which isn't usually a good combination.  Heck, I'm not sure if humans & off-white carpet our a good combination!  Now, four years later, the carpet is disgusting {even though I vacuumed weekly!}.  So we began saving and researching the best flooring option for us & our budget.

Fast forward to today - after going back & forth between new carpet, hardwood, or laminate, we found some great laminate wood flooring at an unbeatable price.  While we've had the flooring for a couple months now {just sitting in our front room taunting me}, I am happy to say we officially finished our first room last weekend and I'm loving the look and overall feel that we have now created!

Of course, laminate isn't known for being the best wood flooring product out there, but to be honest, we found it to be the best option for our lifestyle & budget.  And while I'm no expert by any means, it's hard to tell a huge difference between real hardwood & laminate flooring once we laid down the flooring in our house.

We still have several rooms & hallways left to complete, but just finishing this room has given me a lot of motivation to get the rest of it laid down as soon as we can!  Plus, then I can cross another Leap List item off {#6} :)

*Sorry for the lack of outfit photos this week, but due to our flooring situation, our house has been in transition {i.e. furniture piled in rooms while we work on others}.  I hope to be back to my normal WIWW posts in the coming weeks!

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