Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Minute Idea: For the Traveler

My brother’s girlfriend has always been an easy person for me to shop for. Last Christmas, I bought a scrabble tile necklace with a mini cooper on it, as that is the car she currently zips around in. For her birthday, I found a cute jute clutch that I could totally see her carrying around. This Christmas was no different. Since my brother was invited to spend the holidays with his girlfriend & her family in Europe (yes, you heard me right - so jealous!) , I thought to myself, “I should find something that she could use on her trip!” and then off my mind went on various ideas. Until I finally settled on this:


A passport cover from meghandesigns. I love Amy Butler’s fabric and how the colors stand out (in case you misplaced your passport while you were traveling) . I really hope she likes & uses this gift. I know ifI was traveling around Europe, I would love it!


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  2. This is the perfect gift idea! Thanks for the inspiration!
    - yet another Megan