Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Field Trip: Ramona Falls, OR

This holiday weekend brought us up to Mt. Hood with Sam's parents. They had been up there before, but not for several years. And we're always up for a good adventure, so off we went!

We took Lily with us because we knew she'd keep us on pace & love the smells of the forest. Surprisingly she was still ready for more even after the 7+ mile loop.

The log bridges were some of my favorite parts of the hike. Simple & functional!

There were plenty of sights to see & things to explore and Sam wasn't afraid of anything!

About half way into the loop, we reached the falls. We re-hydrated & fueled up and made sure we took a few "tourist" pictures to document the hike.

I'm really happy to have seen Ramona Falls, but enjoyed the conversation and experience I shared with Sam & his parents. I'd love to go back and do it again... after my legs get some rest of course!

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