Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekend Highlights: Christmas Edition

Looking back on the weekend, the whole things feels like a blur. There was days off from work, food everywhere we turned, enough card games to keep us busy, conversations about life & more. As usual, here are a few of my {photographed} highlights:

{Our own little Christmas at home}
*Sam showing off our new Fiestaware tumblers
*me + an Anthropologie gift card :)
*Sam's new photography cards!

{Christmas with the Grables}
*momma Donna taking it all in
*new {quality} bakeware for us
*baby clothes for our sweet {unborn} niece!
*cookie cutters for the many events Krista has coming up

*Matt + Krista
*Josh having more fun with a box, then his presents :)
*Our {the kids} present to the parents - Blazer game!
*Sam plotting {legal} ways to use his crowbar...

{One of my favorite gifts}
*a handmade bench for our dining table, made by my FIL

{Christmas dinner}

While it's hard to believe Christmas 2010 is done & over, but I have a feeling that we'll be planning for Christmas 2011 before we know it.

Hope you all had a happy holiday season!


  1. These are great pictures!
    I have a feeling Krista may be using those cookie cutters for my bridal shower. :)

  2. Ha, funny you say that Kristyn because that is exactly what I was thinking :)