Monday, April 18, 2011

Over the Weekend

First off, sorry for the lack of pictures. I'd like to blame it on the inability to lift my arms {see below}, but I'm pretty sure I just forgot. Regardless, I do still want to document the weekend for the blog's sake, so here's a few of the highlights:

  • Due to the state of our economy, Friday was a furlough day for myself. Sam had planned ahead and worked four 10 hour days so we could have the day off together!

  • I purchased a Groupon for Willamette Burger Company last Fall and knew it was expiring soon, so our {weekly} Friday lunch consisted of burgers + the best tots ever!

  • Remember the raised beds Sam made a couple weeks ago? They have started an unexpected backyard makeover, which continued this weekend with the removal of more sod.

  • Almost four hours later, we were finished. In other words, "ouch" courtesty of my arms + legs.

  • Next step: barkdust {and giving our bodies a little time to recover}.
How was your weekend?

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