Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

In another lifetime, today would be full of balloons, cake, and presents for our first born, but instead we are remembering our first moments with the sweetest, most content baby I've ever met. I remember the nerves, tears, smiles, and all of the decisions we had ahead of ourselves, but at 2:35pm on December 12, 2012, we all said thanks that we were all together, at least for a short time.

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!

daddy, mama, & Calvin


  1. I never met her, not even when she grew within you, but I love her. She holds a place in my heart, because of you, and I am grateful for it. I feel like I've been able to see how her soul touched the earth and kissed it with beauty. Praying for you all today as you remember her birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Charlotte! Though I never met you in person, your soulful eyes have never left me. You are dearly loved by your earthly family! I'm thankful you are dancing with Jesus, waiting for the rest of us. Missing you today!

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte. I hope it was a day of special memories for you, Meaghan, and I pray that you know how loved your sweet girl is.