Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, I'm giving you one anyways.

The first week I was back I was able to go to a senior award banquet for my brother. He received a scholarship to the college he is attending next year -- University of New Hampshire. In only a few weeks, my brother will be a high school graduate... we are all feeling a little old at my house these days.
(Pictured: my brother and mom)

As well as getting ready for my brother's graduation in a few weeks, this is how I've been spending my days. Thank goodness I went to George Fox for 4 years to do this. =)

Everyone... meet LUCY! The 6 week old baby who I have the privileged to watch for a few hours a day.

I have also been drinking tea and lounging around and the other day I received a gift certificate to Adagio Teas and in only a few days, this is what I got in the mail -- YAY FOR AWESOME TEA AND TEA ACCESSORIES! This tea steeper is both beautiful and functional and I love it!

And last, but not least, I thought I would share a little into the beginnings of my packing for India. Some people might say I might be jumping the gun a little bit, while others might say I'm a little excessive, but you know what, THIS IS ME!
With less than a month until we leave, I'm getting ready!! Any advice is welcome, just pass it my way.

I hope you are all doing well and know that I miss you...a lot!


  1. 1st day of garage sale - $170
    pair of shoes brought to india - 1

    there's my update.

    i'm bringing a pair of flip flops megs...and my crocs. That's it.
    your sandles look good. i'd stick with those and buy some cheap flops when we get there.


  2. how 'bout an update.

    or better yet...
    how 'bout i see you in ONE WEEK.

    holy crap.
    we're leaving in a week.

    i don't think i'm ready.