Friday, October 22, 2010

Love: Shabby Apple Dresses


I often find myself day dreaming of pretty dresses and the special occasions I can make up so I will have somewhere to wear them to. And Shabby Apple is one place I head to when knee-deep in aforementioned day dreaming. Unfortunately for me, dressy occasions don't come up often* and I already have a few fancy ensembles hanging in my closet that I can pull out if they do. But you can bet it doesn't stop me from filling my imaginary shopping cart up and right now, this beautiful number from Shabby Apple holds the top spot on my {always growing} list.

*If you are in the market for a pretty dress, check out the Shabby Apple link on my sidebar, with a code for free shipping! And no Shabby Apple did not ask me to promote them, I'm just a fan of sharing my day dreaming :)


  1. Those are some cute dresses! I love imaginary shopping too!

  2. They are really cute dresses, but really, really terribly made. I've had two that I've had to send back for poor craftsmanship. Sad.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Rhiannon!