Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Another beautiful Friday? I'll take it!

This week brought some new projects at work, many walks to soak up as much of this great weather as we can, and (most importantly) Sam's birthday!

We didn't actually do much on his actual birthday (the 7th), but we have been celebrating since last Saturday, so I hope he's feeling some love.

As for the weekend ahead...

My adorable niece is turning TWO on Sunday! I'm having a hard time believing this could actually be true since it feels like just yesterday we got the call to head up to Portland because my SIL was (finally!) in labor.  Regardless, watching this little one grow over the last couple years has been amazing! Sometimes I'm convinced she's the smartest toddler I've ever met! (I may be a little biased...)

This weekend also brings Mother's Day, which happens to fall on what-would-have-been Charlotte's five month "birthday". When I start to think about celebrating my first official Mother's Day without my baby girl, I get pretty sad and, honestly, a little angry she's not here with us anymore. I am really hoping I can make the family gathering that is planned, but I'm also prepared to give myself grace if that can't happen...

Speaking of moms, this week's links come from some of my favorite online mamas:

  • I’ve linked to Jessie’s blog before because when she writes, I sometimes wonder “is she writing this just for me?”  (of course I know she’s not J)  This week, she wrote about wanting to be on the front lines of this incredible battle we’ve been placed in and the beauty that comes when we join others for one purpose – loving others through Him.  
  • One of the things I love about this online community is the way we are invited in to watch others grow & learn in the roles they've been given - like becoming a mom.  This week, as Ashlee celebrated her little guy's first birthday, she shared her thoughts on what she has learned in her first year of motherhood and I can tell you now, I plan on returning to this when I find myself in a similar role.
  • Another mama that writes from her heart is Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama.  I have only just begun following her blog, but already admire her for both her honesty and beautiful writing.  So when I read her mommy confessions this week, I knew I had to share with you all.  Sure, I'm can't relate right now, but appreciate knowing that everything isn't always roses for everyone else all the time.

 So that’s what I’m thinking about this week.  What's grabbed your attention this week.

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