Friday, July 19, 2013

5 on Friday

Have you ever felt like something was written or said just for you?  Actually, I probably think that about once a week - sometimes it's a song on the radio or an idea for the next best invention or a blog post I just stumbled upon.  This week, however, was FULL of these moments and I just want share five that touched my heart this week:

Lindsay, of The Kubly Girl, wrote a beautiful reflection on finding community that was just what I needed to hear this week.  For years, I have been timid about buidling a community where we're at because it's hard to be the new person, but over the last couple weeks, Sam & I finally decided to get involved in a small group at a new church we've been attending and Lindsay's post felt like a message from God that this is what He wants for us right now. 

Have you heard Sara Bareilles' song December (from her new album The Blessed Unrest)? I think maybe it was written for me... 

(For those who don't know me that well, last December was both the best & worse time of my life, which you can read about here.) 

It's easy to get in the mindset that no one reads your blog or cares about what you write, but Kim from oh, sweet joy! wrote a simple, yet true post this week about how we (as bloggers) are not alone and should all write for where we're at right now, because no matter what the impact may be, someone is listening.  Her words weren't new to me, but sometimes you just need to hear something again to remind yourself of the truth.

I attended another amazing Influence Network class by Susie Davis this week called Hearing God Speak in your Everyday Life and just like the ones before, Susie knocked it out of the park!  She shared ideas that I hadn't thought a lot about - like God speaks to us every day, but we still need to be willing to listen and accept what he's saying before we'll here Him - and gave us a few ways to hear Him.  Such an eye opening class for someone who doesn't listen to God enough...

Have you taken an Influence Network class yet?

Last week, I shared how Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama has helped me in my search for why I blog and this week she shared a book she's been working on called "Mommy's Has an Angel", which is a story told from the point of view of her four-year-old daughter about her mom's best friend in Heaven.  While processing the grief and pain that goes along with losing a loved one, I have also thought a lot about the future and how I'm going to share with our future children (God willing) about our little angel, Charlotte, and why she's no longer with us here on Earth.  I'm incredibly inspired by people like Natalie who have decided to share their grief to help others and I only hope my words could help someone one day like her's have helped me.

Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Thank you for another beautifully thoughtful post.

  2. Oh girl, I was in the Influence Net class too and wow. Somehow Susie had the ability to put words to thoughts and issues I've been mulling over and trying to deal with. Thank God for women who speak truth into others' lives.

    I, too, needed Kim's encouragement to keep my heart and mind focused on who I'm impacting rather than the number of people I'm impacting. :)

  3. i LOVED that influence class. i couldn't take it that night, but watched it wednesday morning and the Lord spoke to me so much! i love this community that the influence network is building. and i am so blessed to be a small part of it :) i'll see you in september!

  4. These are all amazing reads, thanks for sharing them!