Monday, July 27, 2009

(Quick) Weekend Recap

After our {much-needed} coast vacation, we had a relatively lazy weekend. We rolled back into town around 10am on Friday and spent most of the day doing laundry & watching the second season of LOST (more below) . My mom & grandma arrived around 5pm & we ate a delicious steak & chicken dinner made by my wonderful husband! Then my mom took me to JoAnn's Fabric Store to pick out my first project on my new sewing machine. I'll leave the reveal a surprise until it's finished. My grandma also bought Sam (& the rest of us) a blackberry cream cheese pie from Shari's for dessert. My mom & grandma stuck around to spend the night, so we played a few games before bed.

Saturday brought early risers, as my mom & grandma were heading the rest of the way up to Washington for the weekend. We made them coffee & talked about Fiestaware until they decided they had to go. Sam & I spent the rest of the day & night finishing the second season of LOST (with a small break to go to the gym & the grocery store) . Sam has been hooked on LOST since day 1, but I, on the other hand, didn't get into until this year. Therefore, I've had a lot of catching up to do and I'd say we're doing quite well. Only 2 more seasons to go (since I watched season 5 on TV this year) before the final season airs next January. I can't wait!

Sunday, we got up and went to church. When we came home, I began cleaning house & Sam headed to the gym. When he got home, we curled up on the couch & watched Ocean's 11. Then Sam made another delicious dinner on the BBQ & we watched Big Brother.

As we hoped, our weekend was lazy, but just what we needed. Unfortunately, today (Monday) came all too soon after 4 1/2 days off.

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