Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Check-Up

It's hard to believe January is gone, but hello February! With one month down, I thought it fitting to post an update on one of my 2010 goals - to workout at least 3 times/week.

I am exstatic to say this goal was not only met, but exceeded for the month of January! A typical week looked like this:

Monday: eliptical for 45-60 minutes
Tuesday: attend Active class (20 minutes of cardio; 20 minutes of strength; 20 minutes of flexibility)
Wednesday: eliptical for 45-60 minutes
Thursday: attend Active class
Friday: sometimes a "rest day", sometimes Eliptical for 45-60 minutes
Saturday or Sunday: "rest day" or lift weights for 15 minutes; Eliptical for 60 minutes

Oh boy, that seems like a lot of working out when I type it all out! But surprisingly enough, I actually found myself wanting to go to the gym to workout, instead of dreading it, thanks in big part to my husband! He's been a wonderful workout motivater in that if he says he is going to the gym, then I begin to feel guilty and decide to tagalong as well. And it has really paid off for me!

With February on it's way, my workout schedule will change a little bit. I've started going to BSF with Kali on Monday nights, so that workout will become a rest day and I will hopefully fit in my extra workout on Fridays. Now I just hope that I can keep up the intesity I had in January for the rest of the year...

How are your goals/resolutions for 2010 going?

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