Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Personal Assistant

Meet my iCal Calendar app.

See all those dates with dots underneath? Yeah, that's how full my May weekends are already!

I've never really been the kind of person who carries a physcial planner (except when I was keeping track of assignments in college of course) , so I didn't expect to get much use out of this calendar app with the exception of finding out what day a certain date fell on. Boy was I wrong!

The iCal Calendar app has become my go-to for everything schedule related. It has all of my appointments, events, & important birthdays and has kept me from losing my mind a number of times when trying to remember if something else is scheduled on the same day. Plus, it's always with me! This proves that the small things (like my iPhone) often make my life just a little bit easier.

How do you keep track of your schedule?

1 comment:

  1. i don't think that i can live without my blackberry and the calendar i use on it. sometimes i feel like i wouldn't even know where to go if i didn't have my calendar!