Monday, November 29, 2010

Week Highlights: Thanksgiving Edition

Can you believe this couple above {us!} just took their first week-long vacation since they were married over two years ago? It's true {and kind of sad}, but don't worry, this isn't the last of these long vacations - we're hooked!

So where did we go on our trip? Down to California to see my mom for Thanksgiving! She just relocated this summer and we hadn't been down to see her new surroundings yet. Unfortunately, I neglected taking many pictures, but I do have this awesome 'grandchildren' shot that was a pretty big deal since we haven't all been together in years.

Other {non-documented} highlights include:
*Exploring my mom's new town.
*Spending quality time with my brother.
*Seeing aunts & uncles & cousins galore.
*Eating at Thanksgiving dinner for a week.
*Black Friday shopping.

We arrived back in Oregon late Friday night just in time for another Thanksgiving dinner with the Grable family on Saturday!

It was so nice to have us all together for the first time since this summer. The day pretty much consisted of two things: food & conversation. Both which were wonderful as usual!

It would be silly to say it's not great to be home, but I also miss all the family we spent time with over the last week. Can't wait for the next get together {on both sides} and the one thing I can say is I hope it isn't as long as the last time!

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