Friday, July 22, 2011

Love: Sara Bareilles

Some time ago, I was hanging out with Kristi while she was making dinner {something I look forward to every week!} and she asked me if I had heard of Sara Bareilles. While I could tell her yes, I had really only knew of her hit "Love Song". So I got her CD {and listened to Kristi play her songs on the piano} and familiarized myself with her beautiful voice as quick as I could.

Being the big fan that she is, Kristi was totally on top of buying tickets for this summer's concert in Portland right when they came out and I was lucky enough secure one of her tickets. Fast forward to Tuesday night and there we were - listening to Sara in person! And I can honestly say I am now obsessed with Sara Bareilles and want to listen to her all the time. Thanks Kristi!

{Kristi, myself, Allie, & Sherlai}

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