Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Randoms

Last week, we had the Weathers over for dinner + games and Kristi and I gave the guys a run for their money by getting '100 aces' while playing Pinochle. It was a great moment for us!

I attended a two-day work training up in Portland this week, which resulted in a change in my commute from less than 10 minutes to over an hour+. While I gained a lot of knowledge and information, I can definitely do without all that traffic every day!

A few posts back, I mentioned I was finding my crafty side again. And while my first project wasn't anything too complicated, it was the perfect gift for a teacher's classroom. {thank you Pinterest for great ideas!}

I've heard the praises of Chipotle for a while now, but never tried it until a couple weeks ago. And this weekend I introduced Sam to their delicious food. I think we'll be going back again really soon!

This summer hasn't been a very warm one up until this last month. Now we're experiencing 80*+ days and I hope it sticks around a while. We took advantage of it today by walking around the neighborhood a bit.

Here's to another week of friends, food, and good weather!

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