Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Highlights

To be honest with you, I actually tried to make an effort to document my weekend with pictures so I had something to post here. Sad? A little. In reality, I love taking pictures, but most of the time I forget to take my camera {or iPhone, usually} out to capture life as it's happening. I do enjoy being able to look back at past posts, even it doesn't pertain to anyone else, so I will continue to post, pictures or not.

Here's a couple of this weekend's highlights:

We took Lily to the dog park again and actually let her
off the leash for most of time. I think she had a great time because
she slept for the remainder of the weekend :)

My Saturday night was spent celebrating Kiley's {Sherlai's husband}
40th birthday party! This party was straight out of Pinterest -
there was live music, barbecue, and a photo booth {above}
all taking place in an old barn! Simply amazing, if you ask me!

On Sunday, we drove up to Sandy to see Sam's family.
We've been following along with our brother-in-law's weekly class at church
via the internet and we're so happy to get to see his teaching in real life!

We also drove up to see this cutie!
I wish she'd stop growing so fast, but I do love seeing
her personality change each time we see her!

And finally, it was the end of an era...
I said goodbye to my faithful New Beetle on Sunday afternoon.
The car that got me through college, my long distance engagement,
and the first few years of marriage, all with very little trouble.
But I was happy it is going to another young girl who will
{hopefully} enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy Monday!

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