Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#photoadayapril Week 1

Sorry for the delay in posting the first week of April's Instagram challenge, but life seems to be all about work & flooring lately.  I've got some fun things to blog about in the works, so hopefully the silence doesn't stick around too long.

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on the middle of April and it really feels like it just started.  Sometimes going through the motions of life makes everything feel like it's flying by, which is sad for someone like me who loves to create memories & is frequently heard saying "remember when...".  As I have said before, these monthly challenges have allowed me to not only take more pictures, but more importantly to stop & appreciate something that I might otherwise look over.

+ Day 1 - my reflection
+ Day 2 - color {when writing at work}
+ Day 3 - mail {going out}
+ Day 4 - someone who makes me happy {my husband, Sam}

+ Day 5 - tiny {Easter basket for the niece!}
+ Day 6 - lunch
+ Day 7 - shadow
+ Day 8 - inside my wallet

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