Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#photoadayapril Week 3

We took a break from floors this week to help a {best} friend move and spend time with family.  In addition, we had our first taste of summer weather this weekend and it was awesome!  With May just around the corner, it's easy to anticipate the sunny skies & high temperatures coming soon, but for me it's the longer days that get me most excited!

+ Day 16 - flowers {from our own backyard}
+ Day 17 - something I don't like to do {waiting for anticipated phone calls}
+ Day 18 - hair {off to get my bangs trimmed}
+ Day 19 - orange {business card}

+ Day 20 - something I drew {+ painted in high school}
+ Day 21 - bottles
+ Day 22 - the last thing I bought {my new favorite neon sweatshirt}

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