Thursday, March 21, 2013


I posted this last month on my Facebook page and three months out, I can still say that I run across some of these people.  I know it's hard to find the right thing to say, I really do.  But sometimes it's not about saying anything at all, just being there for someone in need.  So to those who have just listened as I work through my feelings of heartache, thank you! You might never know how much your actions have meant to me, but I hope you can tell how much they mean to me!

"Somebody said
it was all for the best,
that something was probably wrong.

Somebody said
it was meant to be,
Different verse,
same miserable song.

Somebody said,
"You can have another!"
As if that would make it alright.

Somebody said
"It was not a real child."
Somebody's not very bright.

Somebody thinks it is helpful
To say when grieving should end.
Somebody shows their true colors.
Somebody isn't a friend.

But somebody said, "I'm sorry."
And sat quietly by my side.
And somebody shared my sorrow
And held my hand when I cried.

And somebody always listened
And called my lost baby by name.
And somebody understood
That I'd never again be the same." -Unknown