Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Recap

Besides Calvin's monthly posts, sharing my goals, and posting about Stitch Fix, this space has been pretty quiet. I plan to write more about some of my thoughts, but I think the silence stems from figuring out this my new role in motherhood. But now with six almost seven months under my belt, I think I might be back, even just to share about life (like I used to).

So let's start with an October recap:  

A couple weeks after Calvin turned five months, we introduced "solids" in the form of rice cereal. At first, I thought he loved it, but it turns out Calvin is much more interested in the spoon than the food.  Since then we've continued to try rice cereal, as well as sweet potatoes & a little avocado, but he continues to remain uninterested.

Fall in the PNW is one of my favorites, so we got out as much as we could. The rain has arrived, so we'll probably have less of these outings, but we had fun while the weather lasted.

Teething = no fun! It seemed that once Calvin turned six months, the teething pain came full force. We've tried frozen teethers, essential oils, and ibuprofen in desperate times, but usually a warm bath ends up doing the trick - at least until he has to get out and the tears return again.

Any teething advice from other mamas out there?

And last - our sweet pumpkin on his first Halloween! This mama can't wait to view the upcoming holidays through these sweet eyes.

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