Monday, December 1, 2014

December Goals

I've said this before, but these monthly posts where I outline some goals I'd like to accomplish are really good for the planner in me.  However, I have found that I tend to make goals that are not specific enough because I still want to say I did them, even though I'm not sure how to measure them.  Now that I am aware of this, let's see if I can put some definitive perimeters around each goal for December.

November Goals:

1. Set SMART goals for Sam Grable Photography with Sam. // This was harder than I thought it'd be, but we set some goals for the rest of this year and some tentative ones for next year. Now to get to work on them...
2. Continue to work on Internet/phone boundaries. // I felt like I made some improvements this month, but could definitely work on this more. My goals are feeling a little too vague/big, so I think I need to set some measurements to them...

3. Budget, budget, budget! // Again, this goal is too broad...

4. Get back into blogging (for me). // From only two posts in October to seven in November, this feels like a success to me.  I still have some more posts in draft form that I'd like to post, so I'm going to continue this one into this month.

December Goals: 

1. Research advertising avenues for Sam Grable Photo and decide on what we're going to do starting in January 2015.

2. Hide my phone from 4-7pm.

3. Post on Grable Tales at least 2x/week.

4. Find a (free/inexpensive) holiday outing/tradition to do as a family each week - go look at Christmas lights, visit a live nativity, find snow!, etc.

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  1. Found you through The Tiny Twig--good job on making your goals more specific! Also, making memories for free is awesome. :)

  2. Love love love number 2. I need to set realistic boundaries with that too.

  3. Love your goals! (sounds cliche, but I do!)
    Cost effective Holiday outings is perfect!
    And hiding the phone sounds like such an amazing idea!

  4. Great goals.

    We always visits an event that happens in town every year where they have several different scenes from the Christmas story and a live nativity and they serve free soup and cookies afterwards, it is AWESOME. Great free event in our area.