Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear Calvin // Eight Months

Dear Calvin,

It's true what they say... things really do keep getting better with each month!

First, you now have two teeth!!  The day after you turned seven months, the first popped through and about a week later the second followed.  You are a much happier baby with those first teeth through, but I know it's just a matter of time before we are in the thick of teething again.

Not much new to report on the food front, however. You like to sit at the table with us, but when we stick some food in front of you, you tend to just push it around. If any thing does make it to your mouth, you are the king of funny faces, which definitely entices me to keep putting food in front of you.

You aren't crawling on your hands & knees yet, but you do have the army crawl down. Especially when you can see someone's iPhone, your dad's camera, or if I walk into the room. I'm sure you'll be crawling any day now...

Besides the developmental milestones, you also celebrated your first Thanksgiving! Although you weren't able to eat anything, you still enjoyed the company. We also honored your sister's second birthday this month.

We love you Calvin and are so thankful you are in our lives!


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[five months]

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