Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A (belated) Christmas Recap

Yes, this is a couple weeks late, but in our defense, we didn't have our last Christmas celebration until New Years Day (which I didn't get any pictures of...).  Regardless, this Christmas was particularly special as it was Calvin's first! 

There were presents (so! many! presents!), no shortage of lights + ornaments to grab, and lots of memories to be had.  It's true what they say - the holidays are more fun with kids!

Our community group at our church Christmas party

mama had a lot of fun with the Christmas outfits

 Calvin was quite interested his (second) cousin Gus

Calvin's first Christmas at grandma Cyndi's house 
(don't worry about the tears, it was a long day!)

One of our favorite gifts from uncle Dan --- a Portland Trail Blazer hat!

Merry Christmas from the Grables!

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