Monday, January 19, 2015

Dear Calvin // Nine Months

Dear Calvin,

Seriously, where are the months going? This month feels particularly special because I carried you for nine months and now you have been with us on the outside for the same amount of time. Not to mention it's now 2015, which means your first birthday is just a few months away... *cue the tears*

Let's see, what happened this month...
  • You celebrated your first Christmas + New Years! --- both which were exciting, but will only get better with the years to come. We spent Christmas day with grandma Cyndi & uncle Dan, then New Years day with the Grables. I also took you to see Santa for the first time and you smiled your way through the visit (confession: I kind of hoped for a crying baby photo).
  • You got two more teeth! --- these two [the top ones] didn't feel like they took as long as your first two, but they seem to be giving you as much trouble. It breaks my heart to see you in pain, but I know it's just part of growing up.
  • You got a puppy! (kind of...) --- your dad's cousin & his wife (uncle Ben + aunt Jocelyn) moved in with us and they brought their little pup, Tucker, which you love! We're working on being gentle & not pulling his fur, but you definitely light up when he is in the room.
  • We are working on sleep training... again --- Yes, we tried started this when you were four months old, but I think you regressed a bit this last month so we're working on it again and hope that with all the holidays & major changes behind us, we'll all start sleeping a little more...

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