Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One year ago, I couldn’t stop crying.
One year ago, my heart was broken.
One year ago, I was in New Orleans.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking back to my time in New Orleans -- The places I saw. The people I met. The feelings I felt. How do I put it all into words? How to I express what I’ve gone through?

And lately I’ve been afraid that I’m going to forget the amazing experiences I have been blessed to have. I have made friends that have all changed my life in unbelievable ways. I have had the chance to travel and experience life changing events. I’ve been very blessed!

And that’s why I want to do more. That is why I want to help those who have not been given these same privileges. In my heart, I want to save the world. Maybe someday I’ll come a little closer to doing that.

A friend recently asked how will you save the world and I replied with “one hug at a time.” And I believe it. Another friend said that there are not enough hugs given these days, and I believe it. Hug someone. Love on someone. Encourage someone. Maybe a life won’t be saved, but I am sure that the person on the receiving end will be changed and given a little hope. Maybe. Let’s hope.

1 comment:

  1. you save the world by being you. by sharing who you are. by being real. by shedding your tears. by exposing your thoughts. by remembering the memories. by asking your questions. by laughing and smiling.

    i love you!
    take it one day at a time.
    i will too- and we can change the world :)