Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1 Wedding + 1 Shower + Some Yard Work

= Our weekend!*

Friday, we attended the beautiful wedding of Jessica & Jake!

{The bride & groom, officially}

It was suppose to rain, but thankfully the weather remained dry for the wedding activities so everyone could really enjoy themselves. Following a wonderful ceremony (performed by my awesome BIL, Josh), we spent the evening eating, chatting, & dancing the night away.

{Jessica & my BIL, Matt}

Saturday, we devoted some time sprucing up the exterior of our home.

I neglected to take a "before" shot, but if you just imagine waist-tall weeds as far back as the eye can see, then that's pretty much what it looked like. But after a couple hours of manual labor, this is our current "after" - not completely done, but definitely better than it was!

Sunday, I attended my SIL-to-be's bridal shower!

{Krista opening one of her (more appropriate) gifts}

It was held at a beautiful golf course near Eugene with an "around the clock" theme. This let the guests get a little creative with their gifts depending on the time they were given! Not only was it fun to see all the presents that Krista received, but it was also fun to put faces to the names that she speaks so fondly of.


All in all, another good (but busy) weekend. We may be down one wedding & one shower, but there are still more to come!

*I'm a numbers girl so yes, I get a kick out of silly equation sentences.

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