Sunday, March 27, 2011

Over the Weekend

Last week was Spring Break for our area and even though I work for the school district, I sadly don't get the week off {or the summer, due to being a 12-month employee}. I did get a lot accomplished with such a quiet office, which helped keep work off my mind for the weekend. Throughout the weekend {+ the end of the week}, we had dinner with family & friends. On Thursday, we headed over to our friend's/neighbor's house for dinner & TV. We usually head over on Mondays to watch the Bachelor, but since it's over to the summer, we moved our standing dinner dates to Thursday night. I'll be honest, I look forward to these EVERY week!
{Kristi never fails to provide a delicious meal for us!}
On Friday, we headed west to Monmouth to have dinner with Sam's cousin + her husband and play a couple hands of pinochle. {Sorry, no pictures were taken.} Saturday brought some time in the kitchen & yard for us. While Sam took to both the front & back lawn, I took to the kitchen, making maple scones & cleaning it top to bottom.
For the scones, I went with Living the Swell Life's "Must-Make Maple Scones" recipe and it didn't disappoint. Shortly after we finished with our respective tasks, Charles & Kristi asked if we wanted to head to the Woodburn Outlets. As someone who can always go shopping {right mom?}, we were in! It was fun to wander around & check out stores with someone who likes the same thing as you. Plus, I scored a top for under $4! {Sidenote to Kristi: you've got a shopping buddy in me anytime you want! :)} Saturday night brought us with more plans {which is highly unlike us!} - dinner + a movie with Sam's cousin + her husband. They had talked about going the night before and invited us along. Our original plan was to see The Tourist, but it was sold out. We ended up going to grab pizza & then coming back to the theater to see The Green Hornet. Good company, food, & movie! And after a busy Saturday, we've resorted back to our usual way - lounging around watching movies + basketball games. How was your weekend?

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